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We want to be your best supplier!

The Moore Packaging team is all about collaboration. There is no “I” in team. Partnering with our customers combined with the team’s experience and diverse talents is how we succeed in reaching and exceeding our customer’s objectives.

Our clear goal is to be our customers’ best supplier!

With our competent team and unified commitment we work diligently in a result driven structure and collaborative climate to achieve the highest standards of excellence that our customers have grown to expect.

Our award winning products are a testimony that a better product is a result of a harmonized team and a continuous improvement approach. Our favorite question when presented with a new customer request is “How can we do it better?”  

You can expect Moore!


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Health Promotion at Work


Supporting Employees to be Smoke-Free

Nurses are now meeting with our team members wo registered with the Comprehensive Workplace Smoking Cessation Project to guide them through the process of quitting smoking.  This project will provide enhanced supports to our team members who smoke, including limited amounts of free nicotine replacement therapy to reduce or eliminate their tobacco use.  February 4, 2014 will be our last information session for team members to enroll in the program by the end of March 2014.

Monthly Lifestyle Topics

Throughout 2014, we will offer our salaried team members opportunities to participate in monthly events that build skills for healthier living.  Lunchtime sessions on a range of lifestyle topics will give team members a chance to learn in a smaller group setting. Our hourly team members can participate in our Healthier Choices contest running in March and our Pedometer Challenge in May and June.  We look forward to helping our team to get information and to build the skills they need to make healthier choices in their lives.

Summer Health Fair

Planning will soon be underwy for our annual Health Fair.  This year, our event is tentatively scheduled for Thursday August 21, 2014.  We are excited to have another opportunity to work with community partners and providers to create another fun and interactive event for our team members.

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Above: Julie Faber, Sales Representative





Above: Moore Staff warming up for the Heart & Stroke Big Bike Race



Each quarter we focus on an aspect of healthy living and provide an opportunity to raise team member awareness, to provide information about healthy lifestyles, and to participate in an event or program that builds skills in living a healthier life.


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